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Ventilation Rules of Thumb

Conference Room (Sound Critical Room)

Conference Room

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Typically, a conference room will require 4-10 air changes per hour. This is in accordance to ASHRAE Standard 62.1. In a room like this, it is also critical that the exhaust fan perform it's function without being distracting. The illustration above demonstrates that for sound critical applications, it is best to install your ventilation equipment above a less sound critical area such as a hallway or utility room using a ducted system. In addition, the use of a gravity ventilator will allow the exhaust air to pass freely through a specified area on your roof. To calculate the amount of CFM you need to exhaust from your Sound Critical Room, simply determine the volume of your room (LxWxH) and divide by the number of minutes per air change. For example:

25'L x 25'W x 15'W = 9,375 ft3
8 air changes per hour : 60 mins. / 8 = 7.5 minutes
9,375 ft3 / 7.5 minutes per air change
1,250 CFM

*NOTE - Your gravity ventilator should be sized to exhaust the same amount of air that your inline fan is exhausting.