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Ventilation Rules of Thumb

Industrial Application


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In industrial applications such as welding facilities or heavy manufacturing plants, it is recommended that the air be changed every 3-5 minutes due to the processes that typically occur in these type of facilities. Good indoor air quality keeps workers comfortable and productive. In order to size a blower for your facility, you must determine the volume of your room (LxWxH) and divide it by the number of minutes per air change. For example:

40'L x 40'W x 25'H = 40,000 ft3
40,000 ft3 / 4 minutes per air change
10,000 CFM

A blower like the one seen in the illustration above is used in conjunction with a system of ducts which are placed over the various work stations. The use of ductwork increases the resistance in your system and causes higher static pressures which also needs to be considered when sizing your exhaust fan.