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Ventilation Rules of Thumb

Rest Room

Rest Room

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A commercial restroom will require air to be changed 8-12 times an hour depending on the size of the facility and your local code. The illustration above demonstrates the use of a ceiling exhaust fan mounted in the rest room exhausting the stale air. This exhaust air can be routed either to the roof using ductwork and a roof vent or to the side of your building using ductwork and a hooded wall vent. To calculate the amount of CFM you need to exhaust, first determine the volume of your room (LxWxH) and then divide your room volume by the number of minutes per air change needed. For example:

10'L x 8'W x 10'H = 800 ft3
10 air changes per hour : 60 mins. / 10 = 6 minutes
800 ft3 / 6 minutes per air change
133 CFM